Audrey - The Fierce and the Longing (CD/LP) 2008

The new album out now! Recorded and mixed in Mission Hall and Studio Gröndahl by Mathias Oldén. Buy it at the Tenderversion e-store.

1. Big Ships
2. Carving and Searching
3. Horses are Honest
4. The Sliver
5. Bleak
6. Rats
7. Black Hearts
8. Next Left
9. Northen Lights
10. Dalälven
11. Pocket Arms

Audrey - Big Ships (3" CDEP) 2008

Limited 3" CD EP including album version of Big Ships, two remixes by Tsukimono och Otur, and one rare previously unreleased track. Only 300 copies made, soon gone forever. Buy it at the Tenderversion e-store.

1. Big Ships (Album version)
2. Morfar (Previously unreleased)
3. Big Ships (Otur RMX)
4. Big Ships (Tsukimono RMX)

Audrey - Visible Forms (CD/LP) 2006

The new full-lenght out now! Produced and recorded by Paul Bothén at Element Studios. Buy it at the Tenderversion e-store.

1. Mecklenburg [listen]
2. Views [listen]
3. Six Yields 
4. Treacherous Art
5. The Significance Of Being Overt
6. Plain Pieces
7. Leaving/Letting Go
8. Vague
9. Traverse

Audrey (EP) 2004

The debut EP. Also released in the UK by Stereo Test Kit Records and in Germany by Sinnbus Records.
Buy it at the Tenderversion e-store.


1. Box, And Fights [listen]
2. Triumphal Arch
3. We Thought We Were Ghosts, But We Are Feathers
4. Hymn
5. Helpless

Audrey - s/t (Demo) 2003
1. The Text Is Written (Upside Down) [listen]
2. Scars In Me
3. Laying With Lara

We are also contributing on these compilations:

The Bear Quartet Tribute

We contributed to this tribute to Bear Quartet with "Helpless", that also appears on the EP. The CD is available from A Tenderversion Recording.

Records Make Great Pets - 'Volume 1/Sweden'
"Triumphal Arch" from the EP. Released by and availible from Stereo Test Kit Records.

Sonically Speaking vol 23: Juni 2005

"Box, And Fights" from the EP. Not availible, came with the magazine Sonic #23.

Further Excerpt from "My Secret Garden"

The track "The text is written (upside down)" appears.
Released on No Disco Entertainment.

Pop Dart vol. 1
This compilation, released on Royal Kitten contains the track "The text is written (upside down)".


Johnny Bråttom had" Scars in Me" on this compilation.